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Las familias de Divino Redentor, responden a la bondad y generosidad de Dios en acciones de gracias. Prepararon una canasta y se la obsequiaron a Otra familia de la iglesia y otros a diferentes familias en la comunidad.   Confiamos en Las provisiones de nuestro Dios.

Divino Redentor profession of faith and baptism

A blessing to our church family as God adds to the church those he saves. During our worship service we worshipped God celebrating the two sacraments.  Glory to God !!

Divino Redentor Preparation for first week of Advent

Divino Redentor Advent: HOPE

Divino Redentor Presbyterian Church second week of advent.

Nuestra iglesia Este Domingo 12 Diciembre, celebro El tercer adviento - Gozo. Recordandonos que solo Cristo puede satisfacer El corazon del ser humano, asi El Gozo del Señor sea la Fortaleza en Este Mundo

" Nuestra iglesia Divino Redentor El 19 diciembre celebro El cuarto Domingo de adviento con El tema Amor. Afirmando que solo El amor de Dios satisface Al pecador y a la misma vez, habilita Al pecador reconciliado a poder Amar ,como Dios lo ha Amado."

 Divino Redentor Church youth ministry is stable in size and in support to the local church's ministry. They meet weekly every Thursday evening. Some of them take turns in leading the weekly activities. Some of their activities has been assisting to lead mother's day celebration, fathers day celebration and faithfully serving meals for different fellowship meals held by the church. At least twice a year they do a mercy ministry activity in the community.


Divino Redentor women's group meet faithfully weekly every Thursday. They walk through a series of monthly Bible studies to strengthen their personal walk with Jesus. Even during the pandemic when church buildings were closed, they still met weekly via zoom. At the closing of this year 2021, four more ladies joined the group, and two more from our mission field in san Victor. The women's ministry name is " Servidoras de Jesus".


The women's ministry "Servidoras de Jesus" came up with their emblem to represent their ministry within the local church.

  They strongly believe that every good work that they do, its a work of service to Jesus.

   For every good work to be a service to Jesus, it has to be in the power of the Holy Spirit, led by God's principles a found in his Word, which will yield fruits of justice-for God's glory


The women's ministry is led by three faithful ladies, making up the 'directiva". As direcitva, They have been leading and coordinating many activities for the past 7 years as a strong team. They coordinate and lead weekly Bible studies, including other ladies as well. Every year, They coordinate in the month of May a one week activities called "Semana del hogar cristiano". Every last Sunday in August they help with the social/fellowship aspect of the celebration of "dia del Pastor". faithfully every year, they show their deep appreciation to the women's group by coordinating and leading a "cena navideña" on the Thursday before Christmas week.

 These faithful women are:

1. President- Ms Rosaura Serrano

2. Treasurer- Ms Rosalba Gonzalez

3. Counselor- Ms Elsa Pott


Every 31 December is a special day at "Divino Redentor Presbyterian Church". We hold a special thanksgiving worship service to praise and thank God for his faithfulness to his ministry entrusted to us. God's presence was once again so evident in our church ministry and church families.

  Here is a glimpse of some of the church's activities. The pandemic was real, yet, God's faithfulness is much more evident!

As we closed 2021, with all it's challenges, as a church we can once again celebrate God's faithfulness, generosity and goodness.

  Our financial records showed shared to our church reflected that we met our budget.

  We are so thankful to our church families for their generous response to God's provisions. We are also thankful to our donors and many others that have been praying for us!

The smallest children's Sunday school classes, reflect on their first month of learning. Ms Keila, their Sunday school teacher, walked them through the way God made us wonderful! 
Four years ago through the Promise keepers HANDS team from Canada, through Edudeo Ministries, our old wooden sanctuary building, built in the 1980s was renovated. It's been of multiple usage. It hosts weekly bible studies; weekly Sunday school; social gatherings for both church and preschool; preschool's parents meetings, and many other activities. We greatly appreciate the support!