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November 14, 2021. Harvest celebration at Betel Presbyterian Church in Cristo Rey
Samaritan Purse Church Activity at Bethel Church. Reaching out to the children in our community. The greatest gift received today, was listening about Jesus and the free gift of Salvation!

One of the goals of Betel Leadership, is to motivate/revitalize the Church(membership) to see the importance of "Prayer Worship" on Thursdays! For a long time, attendance has been very poor!!!!

Today I thank our God that we had a pretty big attendance!!!!

God is doing great things in Betel! Families that moved away are coming back, attendance at activities has improved a lot, the youth group is growing in number, and they are showing commitment in the church and in serving God using their gifts!

I ask for prayers for our church, because when there is growth, the enemy is not pleased."

The photo I share, is from today's Prayer Service!!!.


Elder Isaias Botes

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