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Image by Apurv Das
In 2017 we began the arduous task of cleaning and dedicating time and effort in making the church building pleasant. Many persons joined in this venture. This is how Harvest Presbyterian Church started. TEAM PENNSYLVANIA 2017 (Meadowcroft West Chester/Olive Street Downingtown/ Reformed Boothwyn blessed us with their generous assistance.
Image by Apurv Das
Sunday December 5, 2021. We are having regular church worship service in the unfinished sanctuary and today will be celebrating advent.
Thursday 23 December, 2021. 4:00PM. Harvest celebrating advent in the existing sanctuary.
Saturday January 22, 2022. 2:00pm Harvest Presbyterian Calcutta had the privilege to welcome the Field Commission as they examine and share words of encouragement to those who completed their profession of faith and the required sessions leading to their Baptism at a later date.
Sunday March 6, 2022. Profession of Faith of Johan and Emmael, Baptism of Gabriela and Liborio and celebrated the Lord's Supper.  Pastor Juan, brother Albert and sister Romalda were with us in this joyful time. To God be the Glory!
Monday March 7, 2022. Having lunch and delighting in fellowship with Harvest members.  In the past weeks, we have been having breakfasts, lunch and supper together. Indeed, we enjoy moments like this! 
Friday April 15, 2022.  Special worship service at Harvest during Easter week.
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