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We are a faith-based mission rural primary care clinic: to help the local Church grow by ministering health to its members and evangelizing the unreached.

We are a missionary clinic located in the village of Patchakan in the northern part of Belize, Central America. Our clinic is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Belize. It is supported in part by Mission to the World, which is the missionary agency of the Presbyterian Church in America. We serve people in need of medical care, from all religions, ethnic groups and nationalities who live in Belize. The Presbyterian Medical Clinic (PMC) opened its doors in 1992 with the vision and construction directed by missionaries, Tom and Helen Lacey.
Today its vision statement reads: "To help the local church grow by ministering health to its members and evangelizing the unreached."  
​As we care for our patients, we address their physical needs and also their spiritual needs, by praying for them and their families, helping them find hope through Scripture or a local pastor and church.

The COVID-19 virus pandemic required the clinic to serve their village population with caution.  Healthcare facilities in Belize gave directions such as asking patients, adults and children, to make appointments for necessary medical problems needing immediate attention.  Now children may come by appointment for routine vaccines.  Wearing masks and hand washing is stressed to patients and all the community.  The clinic also built an outside sink to encourage more hand washing before and after receiving care. Pray that God would have mercy and provide a cure so that we can all live healthier!
The Presbyterian Church
In Belize
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